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The Australian Indigenous College focuses on improving educational and vocational opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We deliver courses in Diploma level studies using an 8 Way Learning Method developed specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students through active participation and engagement that reflects cultural values.

The Australian Indigenous College respectfully acknowledge the original custodians of this land, past, present and future, and their spiritual connection to land, sea and environment. We understand the impact colonization has played with traditional culture and embrace the evolving culture that exists today.


Diploma of Business BSB50215

Course Overview

The Diploma of Business is a practical program that can equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in business today.
Whether you’re looking to add to your current skills set, start your own business or simply boost your job prospects, this course provides an ideal stepping stone to success.
At AIC we focus on your individual needs and will be there to support you every step of the way. Successfully completing your study is just as important to us as it is to you.

Course Cost: $13,990

Course Outline    Start Dates & Fee Schedule

Course Structure

Create educational and employment opportunities or develop skills to start your own business


  • Manage professional development
  • Marketing
  • Recruitment Processes
  • Project work
  • Effectively manage meetings

Entry Requirements

For entry into our Diploma courses, you need to:


  • meet any specified course entry requirements; AND
  • provide a copy of your Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (i.e. a Year 12 qualification); OR
  • achieve an Exit Level 3 score within the Australian Core Skills Framework assessments in reading and maths, which will show that you have the capability to be successful in the course. This is done through two short tests as a part of your enrolment process.

Career Opportunities

Job roles and titles vary across different industry sectors. Possible job titles relevant to this qualification include:

        • Business Administration
        • Marketing Assistant
        • Human Resources Officer
        • Recruiter
        • Project Manager/Coordinator

Course FAQs

      • Delivery: Blended learning
      • Duration: 9 months
      • Hours: 25 per week
      • 8 units
      • Your enrolment is dependent on you meeting certain standards relating to academic suitability, and language, literacy and numeracy requirements.
      • AIC provides training, assessment and educational support services on behalf of Study Group Australia (RTO #5806)

RPL – Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

“Recognition of Prior Learning is the process that is used to recognise the skills and knowledge you have acquired through education and work experience (paid or unpaid) and match them to part of, or to a complete qualification.”

We believe you should be recognised for experience, so we offer flexible entry based on previous studies and work experience. To have your previous experience recognised follow these easy steps:

      • Check the college RPL policy and procedure
      • Read and then complete the RPL form or Credit Transfer form
      • Send your completed form to the college admissions team with all the relevant information that includes the subjects you want to get credit for, transcripts and subject outlines for past courses.


VET FEE-HELP is a student loan scheme for the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector that is part of the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP).

VET FEE-HELP assists eligible students undertaking certain VET courses of study (diploma, advanced diploma, graduate certificate and graduate diploma courses) with an approved VET provider, to pay for all or part of their tuition costs. A VET provider is a registered training organisation who has been approved by the Australian Government to offer VET FEE-HELP assistance to their students.
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Our Way

AIC Cultural Interface

Australian Indigenous College Cultural Interface


The cultural interface of the Australian Indigenous College refers to the overlap of the four main aspects of the college that are encompassed in the holistic approach to Aboriginal education. They are;


Student-focused, passion-based teaching philosophy.


Creating a sense of belonging by providing a learning environment that reflects cultural identity.


Honouring past, present and future challenges and achievements, and.


Respecting cultural, spiritual, physical and emotional aspects of all students.


8Way Learning Methodology

Australian Indigenous College uses the 8way learning method that embeds Aboriginal perspectives through the two most important Aboriginal knowledge resources: Community connections and Student background knowledge.

This practice of training uses a casual and flexible learning approach that constantly connects curriculum and assessments into a local community context. The topic of the learning should be directly discussed on how it will impact on their community and any benefits and/or issues and conflicts that might arise and subsequent strategies that can be used to overcome them.

All courses are mapped to the units of competency with consideration for Language, Literacy and Numeracy support embedded in their design.


Story Sharing: Approaching learning through narrative.

We connect through the stories we share.

Learning Maps: Explicitly mapping/visualising processes.

We picture our pathways of knowledge.

Non-verbal: Applying intra-personal and kinaesthetic skills to thinking and learning.

We see, think, act, make and share without words.

Symbols and Images: Using images and metaphors to understand concepts and content.

We keep and share knowledge with art and objects.

Land Links: Place-based learning, linking content to local land and place.

We work with lessons from land and nature.

Non-linear: Producing innovations and understanding by thinking laterally or combining systems.

We put different ideas together and create new knowledge.

Deconstruct/Reconstruct: Modelling and scaffolding, working from wholes to parts (watch then do).

We work from wholes to parts, watching and then doing.

Community Links: Centering local viewpoints, applying learning for community benefit.

We bring new knowledge home to help our mob.


Entry Procedure:


Australian Indigenous College has developed an entry procedure to ensure that you are given every opportunity to learn in a fair and equitable manner. This procedure is a way for us to measure your reading, writing, and math ability, so we can enrol you in confidence, knowing your diploma is reachable for you, and within the timeframe specified.This entry procedure requires that we obtain evidence of a successful Yr 12 completion, or, an Exit level 3 literacy and numeracy outcome in line with the Australian Core Skills Framework.To do this, you will be required to undertake an assessment as guided by the Core Skills Profile for Adults (CSPA). This includes some short answer and multi-choice questions, problem solving, and math.This is not a daunting task, but rather will take only 20 – 30 minutes of your time. Once completed, we will provide your assessment results as soon as practicable.
Finding out if a diploma is attainable for you, doesn’t have to wait. Click here to find out more.

About Us

The Australian Indigenous College as part of RTO Services Group focuses on improving educational and vocational opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The college concept was developed in association with an indigenous consultation group. This Indigenous consultative group was formed consisting of a small group of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who supported the establishment of the college and ensured cultural protocols were maintained and the community was informed of developments surrounding the college creation.

We bring new knowledge home to help our mob.

We believe in working with communities so that true partnerships are formed in the education domain leading towards self-determination for Aboriginal people through culturally appropriate and effective student focused passion based learning and empowerment, whilst maintaining the integrity of regions, clans, tribes and individual values and rights.




To establish a high profile, reputable Indigenous college that not only promotes but delivers learning strategies using Indigenous learning practices that are steeped in cultural integrity and insight.




To provide a culturally safe learning environment focusing on improving the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and other members of the community who wish to improve their lives though education. Australian Indigenous College will be a place to learn and share culture with the aim of reducing discrimination and increasing harmonious relationships and understanding within all cultures. We will aim to employ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff who will work with the local community to ensure all college practices are culturally appropriate and kept within cultural boundaries. Delivering diploma level courses and other community programs will assist in achieving our goal of increasing the number of qualified Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people so that they are competitive members of our society.


Study today Pay Later


Keystone College can assist you with applying for a VET FEE-HELP loan when enrolling into one of our Diploma courses. This means that you are not required to pay anything upfront for your course.  Thanks to VET FEE-HELP, all of your course related costs are covered through this government scheme, and you will only be required to start paying the course costs back (through regular instalments), once you earn over $54,126 each year.




VET FEE-HELP is a loan scheme available to students who undertake a VET (Vocational Education and Training) Diploma, or higher level qualification.  VET FEE-HELP will pay Keystone College for part or all of your tuition costs, once approved.  Keystone College is approved to offer VET FEE-HELP assistance to students.  This enables students to enrol now, without the immediate burden of course costs.  All of our courses are Centrelink approved, so you may also be eligible for Austudy or Abstudy to assist you with expenses throughout the duration of your studies. For information on complete course costs, click on the information page for each diploma offered through Keystone.


*VET FEE-HELP is a loan scheme, and as such, is expected to be repaid as agreed at the time of application.  Any loan taken in your name can impact on your credit rating, so speak with one of our friendly staff members about what this means for you. The information on this website is accurate as at 25/01/2016. For the latest information regarding VET FEE-HELP, visit


Contact Details

Australian Indigenous College College is part of the RTO Services Group. The RTO Services Group provides educational opportunities for students who want to learn and improve their lives by moving from dependence to self-reliance. Our colleges deliver Diploma level courses from over 30 campuses nationwide in Business, Management, Community Services, Interactive Media skills. Graphic Design, and Beauty Therapy. Our message is simple “Student focused, passion based learning.”


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